Laura Aprile, sensualidad y soledad

JULY, 2019

From La Martinella of Florence, an online newspaper.

Pietrasanta, which from a humble village of quarrymen has awakened, for twenty years now, as a place of excellence for summer artistic events, hosts until next July 21st at the Spazio Dinamico Arte Gallery, the personal exhibition of Laura Aprile . The exhibition, which presents twenty recent and unpublished works, was inaugurated yesterday in the late afternoon in the presence of the artist and with the unexpected and welcome visit of the President of the Regional Council Eugenio Giani, who has always been sensitive to local cultural events. Aprile is an evolving artist, so much so that Giani himself has noted how much the author’s point of view has changed in her latest works, more complete and in-depth.

The newborn Spazio Dinamico Arte gallery has dedicated the second exhibition of the season to the Sicilian artist, but Florentine by adoption, in its completely renovated summer headquarters in via del Marzocco 16 in Pietrasanta. A sumptuous painting full of veils that model and reveal female bodies in abandoned poses that of April: and you don’t know if they are waiting for someone, something, or they are just wrapped in solitude. The body as a disguise: women who mimic an enigmatic sensuality to hold back an intimate restlessness. Over the course of more than twenty years, the artist has developed his painting in an ever more adherent way to his own expressive needs, to the point of identifying body and emotions. Her images arouse keen interest, especially when observed in the current panorama of art, now governed by fashions. A sensitive artist gifted with literary culture, however secluded and refractory to any label, who tells invisible stories through unreachable bodies amidst domestic decorations, suspended in silent backgrounds.

How much play, how much the pleasure of trying and trying again a certain measured balance of halftones, of filtered colors, of proportions, it is difficult to say; what is certain is that his work does not leave indifferent even those who view the figurative with suspicion.



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