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    Fulvio Leoncini    




Fulvio Leoncini was born in Empoli (FI) in 1960, but lives and works in Santa Croce sull'Arno (Pisa).
He graduated from the State Institute of Art in Cascina (Pisa), and began to exhibit in 1978.
In 1998, he resumed studying engraving techniques and participated in the Engraving Workshop at Villa Pacchiani.
In 2000, he was one of the founders of the Compagnia dei Liberi Incisori e Varia Umanità (Society of Free Engravers and Various Humanity) in Santa Croce sull'Arno.
In 2003, his work was included in the multimedia project Terre del Rinascimento, curated by Silvia Bottinelli for the Leonardo Museum in Vinci.


1984 - Palazzo Ghibellino, Empoli – Solo exhibition
1989 - Stage designs for the play Bedrooms by A. Ayckbourn, The Penguin Theatre - Regione Toscana Diritto allo Studio Universitario (Region of Tuscany Right to Education)

1995 - Ken's Art Gallery, Florence, I nuovi eroi – Solo exhibition
1998 - Former Frantoio di San Domenico, San Miniato, Pulsionale – Solo exhibition

2001 - Acqui Terme, Ovada, 5th European Biennial for etching,
2003 - Society of Free Engravers , Santa Croce, RegressivaMente – Solo exhibition
2003 - Chamalieres, Auvergne - France
Sixième Triennale Mondiale d´Estampes, Petit Format

2003 – Valli Cultural Center, Ponsacco, Pisa, La Bestia dentro – Solo exhibition
2004 - Odradek La Libreria, Rome, Codice a Sbarre – Solo exhibition
2005 - Lucca, Palazzo Ducale, Diritti negati, 25 artisti per Amnesty International - Exhibition (Rights denied, 25 artists for Amnesty International)
2006 - Lucca, Palazzo Ducale, Diritti negati, artisti per Amnesty International - Exhibition

2010 - San Casciano v. di Pesa (FI), Museo d´arte sacra, In Nomine Domini – Solo exhibition
2011 - Invited by Sandro Parmiggiani to the 44th edition of the Premio Vasto Arte Contemporanea, Vitalità dell´arte, Vasto, Chieti.
2011 - San Gimignano, Galleria d´arte Moderna e contemporanea “Raffaele De Grada” Ricognizione Toscana, New Acquisitions, curated by Nicola Micieli.
2011 – Rome, La Camera Verde - A Cèzanne – curated by G. A. Semerano - Exhibition
2012 Rome, La Camera Verde - In Nomine Domini – Solo exhibition.
2013 – Florence, Palazzo Bastogi – Region of Tuscany - Elettroshock – Solo exhibition
2014 - Sator magiaquadra with Rejin Halimi, Camelia Mirescu – Palazzo Gentili - Viterbo
2015 – Verso sera. Le spose violate – Sala Bramante - Fermignano (PU)

The following authors have written about his work: Piero Gambassi, Nicola Nuti, Valerio Vallini, Nicola Micieli, Romano Masoni, Luciano Della Mea, Silvia Bottinelli, Marco Giovenale, Gustave Leduc, Antonella Serafini, Antonio Bobò, Sandro Parmiggiani, Fabrizio Mugnaini e Claudio Crescentini, Anthony Floris.

“Disturbing and poetic, Fulvio Leoncini’s pictorial world involves the viewer, brings out deep emotions. Few other artists of our time are capable of bringing out the ambiguous fascination of our ancestral fears, our hidden desires.”
Gustave Leduc, Paris, 2014

"Fulvio Leoncini is a surgeon of the material: the body of his paintings has been battered make the soul emerge from it, screaming. His art is profoundly significant. The materials he uses, burnings, wood, wax and colour, and the skillful composition of strokes, shapes, place the paintings in the highest region of the visual art of today. Every scratch, every figure is necessary, as were the gold and lapislazuli in Renaissance frescoes.”

    Antonio Bobò, In nomine Domini, Pisa 2009


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