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    Piero Mazzoni    




Piero Mazzoni was born in Florence. He graduated in Stage Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.
From 1972, he taught Painting Disciplines at the “L.Battista Alberti” State Secondary School of Art.
He began his professional career in 1977 when he became part of a group of young Florentine artists, Lo Studio Limite, which, until the mid-1990s, worked in the fields of illustration and cinema animation.
In the past 20 years, his research has been in the field of figurative art, from painting to set design, and always accompanied by solo and group exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.
"Piero Mazzoni’s works speak the language of contemporary art and tell stories of nearby places that seem far away, with strident sensations of poetry that clashes with the everyday, with our indifferent times."

    Paolo Lucas, Flash Art, 2009

"Piero Mazzoni never goes beyond known territory, since his expressive power lies in his geographical and cultural roots, meaning Tuscany (the portion of land where he now lives, which is located halfway between Florence, where he was born, and Prato, near Poggio a Caiano): Soffici and Spadini; but also Pontormo di Poggio and Carmignano. Roots that however are nourished by the farther reaches of contemporary culture, from Hopper to Bacon, or Freud; from Tex Avery to Topor, Dino Battaglia and Hugo Pratt, then Sughi, Pop Art and, why not, the American cinema of the 1940s, Humphrey Bogart, Orson Welles; and Italian neo-realism. These are the painter’s ‘ties’ to his world.”

    Giuseppe Tondo, Il Corriere della Sera, 2014


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