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    Marco Fallani    





He wanted to become a violinist, but as the son of an artist father, already at age five Marco Klee Fallani began painting and learning the technique of etching.

This was the beginning of a passion, a creative journey that still continues today. His artist parents were his first teachers, but he later learned the art of sculpture, first at the Art Institute of Porta Romana and later at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. He then finished his art studies in San Francisco, where Marco studied while working to support himself.
The American experience proved to be very enriching, stimulating and satisfying, and his work was appreciated and recognized.
He has been called upon to give lectures, classes, courses, and workshops. An article about him was written and issued in the prestigious Artweek (May 6, 1993, vol. 24, No. 9).
From 1987, he has been a professor of painting, drawing and sculpture in various schools in Florence and in the United States: Syracuse University, Saci, Polimoda, Lorenzo De Medici, FUA, and the California College of Arts.
He simultaneously gave private lessons to Arabian princes, the Hollywood actor Peter Weller and other prominent figures.
He exhibits frequently abroad, both in Europe (England, Holland, Italy) and Canada and the United States.
He has participated in various exhibitions with both sculpture and painting, and won the painting prize of the town of Lucca. Fallani also worked as a set designer for the Luca Ronconi’s production of Lo Specchio and collaborated in creating the monument to Joe Louis for the city of Detroit. He also prepared molds and plaster casts of the Gugliemo pulpit for the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo in Pisa.

    Lucia Bertini, Toscana On Line, 2014


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