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    Laura Aprile    





Laura Aprile is a painter who chooses to portray the intimate facets of femininity with an indiscrete eye to responding with sensuality. In her painting, she often employs fragments to portray herself, using a nudity that is far from the quiet truth, with a precise and technically rigorous style code.
Her women rarely show their faces and yet they stare, demure, at a space intended only for those who observe them.
Known for her portrait work in Italy and abroad, she has a reputation for the similarity to the photo image that she often uses as a model for her works.
Laura Aprile is of Sicilian origin, and graduated from the Accademy of Fine Arts in Florence, where she has lived and worked since 1990. Throughout her painting career, she has been the focus of panels and educational relationships with those involved in culture and entertainment, and leverage in the artistic world.


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