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Eduardo Mejorada was born in Guadalajara, México on November the 1st of 1969.
At this time his family lived in Chapalita, a mid-class neighborhood on the west side of the city. Being the youngest of a family of six, Mejorada begins to show artistic interests at a very young age. His father Juan Mejorada was the owner of a printing press and her mother Tina, a housewife. Is in this printing press where he begins to play with ink and paper. Ever since he was little he had a special fascination for his grandfather that he never met and who dedicated his whole life to painting, drawing and sacred art restoration. The constant attendance of local plastic artists to his father’s printing press and the visits Eduardo made to his grandfather’s former house enriched his visual formation as there were innumerable objects, relics, materials and paintings that belonged to his grandfather. He began his studies on a public school and it’s in his teenage years when he finds his true vocation: Painting. The works of the Spanish artists Antoni Tapies, Joan Miró as well as the works of Mark Rothko and Robert Rauschenberg, along with other great artists marked Eduardo. Is at this point that he has his first formal encounters with art. At the premature death of his father, he sets himself the goal of studying at the School Of Plastic Arts, but the pressure from his mother about having a formal education leads him into a completely autodidact formation. His first works on easel are created around 1984. When he definitely left school, Mejorada spends the time consulting books and visiting the galleries in Guadalajara where he found contemporary painters from Jalisco like Alejandro Colunga, Luis Valsoto and Javier Campos Cabello. In 1985 he starts taking classes with the artist Juan José Ávila Kraeppelin. The admiration to the painting of the great artists that Jalisco have given to the world, like José Clemente Orozco, María Izquierdo, Manuel González Serrano, Juan Soriano and Carlos Orozco Romero, is what keeps him working and experimenting, founding on the abstraction the ideal language and the perfect ground to express his ideas. Is in the year of 1995 when Eduardo Mejorada decides to study painting and he enters the free school of painting of the Instituto Cultural Cabañas where, for the first time, he has contact with the great murals made by José Clemente Orozco. In this year he makes contact with the artist Francisco de la Peña who observes in his works a promising future in the world of plastic arts and from whom Eduardo acquire great technical and esthetic knowledge. After leaving his studies in 1996, he receive the Young Art of Jalisco Award and the support from Luis Medina Jiménez, director of visual arts of the government of Jalisco to present his first individual exposition at the Art’s and Culture’s Forum of Guadalajara.

After his first individual exposition, Mejorada participates in about twenty expositions organized by the secretary of culture of the government of Jalisco, where he shares space and get in touch with his contemporaries among those found, Enrique Monraz, Abel Galvan, Sergio Garval, and Adolfo Weber. In 2003 the Embassy of France in México gives him a bourse of residence at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, where he make his first exposition out of México. During his time living in París Eduardo Mejorada obtains the first place in the painting contest José Atanasio Monroy, organized by the University of Guadalajara. After being in París Eduardo Mejorada is invited by the Instituto Cultural Cabañas to join their educational team and he gives the subject of painting and afterwards he coordinates the school mentioned before. In 2005 Mejorada receives the Salón de Octubre painting award of Guadalajara. Other disciplines like drawing, watercolor and silkscreen printing are incorporated to his traditional techniques of oil and acrylics. By invitation he makes some engraving works with the artist Humberto Baca. In 2004 he installs his collective studio La Torre de Grillos, where he has contact with the artists Carmen Bordes, Sergio Garval, Héctor Navarro, Juan Carlos Macias, Luis Valsoto, Humberto Baca and Cornelio García, who have great recognition as plastic artists.

Eduardo Mejorada has participated in more than a hundred collective and individual expositions and his works can be found in numerous public and privates collections in México and abroad.

Currently he lives and work between Guadalajara and México City.


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