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Xavier Esqueda has obtained ingeneously the airy perspectives with the effect of trompel´ocil, his language is of yesterday and today, his rich imagination knows how to unfold any self intent in to authentic poetry.

   Jorge Juan Crespo de la Serna

His paintings are the expression of this essence: sensitive, intelligent, imaginative and with the candour of a true artist. It is not necessary to speak of his sensibility, because it is present in all his work. His intelligence is shown in the reflexive ideas in every one of his creations.

   Justino Fernández 

His capacity of figuration, to say, the power of represent realistically as being dreamed. I would add an eulogy even more effusive to his capacity – so rare in today artists – to do it with sense of humour. Of these two qualities that would be enough to define a good artist, I would add a third one: his curiosity that has taken him to incur on a field in which so many possibilities are open to the artist.

   Salvador Elizondo   

Xavier Esqueda, during over forty years has exposed his creative recurrences – paintings, boxes, objects – that in the decade of the sixties gave him an image of surrealist or fantastic artist, or neomanerist or constructor of unaccustomed art, or whatever can be described the images unexplained logically invented beyond reality.

   Luis Carlos Emerich  

To exhibit his work at the Museum of Modern Art, the artist justifies completely what the art critics had said about his work, not as a prediction, but to make evidently the realities of judgment of the critics, and not only justifies, but overpasses the most praiseful opinions.

   Antonio Rodríguez   

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